Thursday, July 8, 2010

Digital Soldering Station Concept

Haven't written some time due to my work and ongoing projects I will explain later.

My pumping station is on hold for a while as it is not urgently required till first frosts. Actually all electronics is complete and working perfectly. The only thing is to pack it into cases and make good water insulation for immersed parts. This part I hate most because I have no suitable tools and place to do the hardware work.

Now I'm working on digital soldering station to replace my old 40W 220AC iron with tool more suitable for lead-free soldering. Features I'm going to implement:

  • PID controlled heating of 24V iron (I'm going to use SL-ICMC 24V/48W iron with ceramic heater that normally used with CMC series of Solomon stations with K-type sensor)
  • 3-digit numerical display for temperature reading and setting
  • Two-button 100 to 450 °C temperature setting
  • Calibration using external thermometer
  • Replaceable circuit for thermocouple or thermistor sensor support
  • EEPROM to store temperature settings when station is switched off

I have bought switching PSU 24V/2.7A, iron and metal case for this project and now working on electronic part. Hope to come soon with first results.