Sunday, November 4, 2012

DIY fume extractor for soldering

Impressed by the price tags on soldering fume extractors and tired by inhaling crap I decided to build something of this kind by myself. Result you may see on photos below. It is is made of:

  • 3 mm polystyrene sheet;
  • two 80 mm coolers from dead ATX PSUs;
  • aquarium activated carbon filter sheets from eBay;
  • rocker switch;
  • barrel jack receptacle;
  • some wires and foam insulation strips.

Polystyrene was bent without heating, only two grooves were carved to help bending. All parts were hot-glued, bottom lid mounted on double-sided adhesive tape.

Device is powered from 12V/1A wall PSU.

Total construction time – less than 2 hours.

DIY fume extractor

DIY fume extractor - filter in place

DIY fume extractor - ready to go

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My first bookmarklet: Flickr photo page by photo ID

Tired of direct links to Flickr photos, when I’m unable to find the author, I decided to create my first (and really simple) bookmarklet for purpose of translating of Flickr photo ID into URL of photo page.

Here is the result, just click of drag to your favorites the following link: Flickr photo by ID

When clicked, bookmarklet will ask you photo ID. Just put it there and click OK – you’ll be redirected to Flickr photo page.

Here is few examples what is photo id (photo id is in bold):

Code of bookmarklet for your convenience:

<a href="javascript:var photo_id=prompt('Please enter flickr photo ID',''); if (!photo_id) return(false); window.location='' + photo_id;return(false);">Flickr photo by ID</a>