Sunday, November 4, 2012

DIY fume extractor for soldering

Impressed by the price tags on soldering fume extractors and tired by inhaling crap I decided to build something of this kind by myself. Result you may see on photos below. It is is made of:

  • 3 mm polystyrene sheet;
  • two 80 mm coolers from dead ATX PSUs;
  • aquarium activated carbon filter sheets from eBay;
  • rocker switch;
  • barrel jack receptacle;
  • some wires and foam insulation strips.

Polystyrene was bent without heating, only two grooves were carved to help bending. All parts were hot-glued, bottom lid mounted on double-sided adhesive tape.

Device is powered from 12V/1A wall PSU.

Total construction time – less than 2 hours.

DIY fume extractor

DIY fume extractor - filter in place

DIY fume extractor - ready to go

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